Friday, June 02, 2006

LTE: Harold Ford Is A Statesman

Does the "CityScope" Magazine have an inside track on the race for U.S. Senate in Tennessee?

In its current issue, there's a page called "City Snapshots." On it are two pictures of former Chattanooga mayor and now candidate Bob Corker on the podium as he addresses a crowd and reacts to its response.

The headline above says "Campain Trail." Campain Trail" instead of "Campaign Trail." That's just too funny for words. I know it's not easy running for office, because I've done that, and actually "Campain" is probably appropriate for anyone running for elective office.

Wonder what kind of spin will be taken by his Republican opponents or are they feeling the pain, too, as they all beat up on each other? Y'all keep at it, and we'll have a statesman elected in November...Harold Ford, Jr.

Betsy Bramlett

I agree Betsy, let them keep it up!

Can you say Senator Ford?

Source: The Chattanoogan