Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Listen To Ford's Podcasts On Iraq

Over the past week, the NRSC and the Republicans have been trying to smear Congressman Ford by allegding that last Friday he voted to cut and run from Iraq.

However, as I have pointed out, that is nothing but a out and about lie.

Time after time with his votes in Congress and with his words in the media, Congressman Ford has said that we cannot leave Iraq until the job is finished.

Congressman Ford voted no on the non binding resolution that the Republicans put forth because it included a proposal that would grant amnesty to the terrorists that kill our troops. (Read about the proposal here) He like a large majority of Americans felt that we should not let those who kill our brave men and women off the hook.

Ford states all of this and more on Iraq in two newly released podcasts on his website.

To listen to the podcasts, please go to, then click the links "Winning in Iraq" and "Serious Talk" on Iraq under the podcast section.

The truth shall rise again in 2006!