Thursday, June 29, 2006

Is Ed Bryant Serious?

Yesterday, Ed Bryant appeared on Fox News to talk about the 2006 Senate race, but instead turned his appearance into a chance to attack Congressman Ford.

During the interview with John Gibson, Bryant insinuated that Congressman Ford was too young and unqualified to be a United States Senator?

Is he serious?

Maybe he missed it, but Ford has served more years in Congress than Bryant ever did and has a far more distinguished record for getting things done than Bryant ever had.

For him to try to say that the Congressman is too young and too inexperienced is just another lie and cop out for his issue-less campaign which is going no where fast.

Ed Bryant should wake up and smell the coffee. He is a non-starter, former politician that has no support. He lost in 2002 and he is losing now.

The best thing for him to do is just to drop out and go back to his real love of lobbying. Apparently he did have some success in that field, seeing as how he help get that disastrous Medicare bill written and pass in 2003.

Lets all hope Ed does the right thing and retire from public service, soon.