Monday, June 05, 2006

Is The Corker Campaign Hiding Something?

Friday, the Corker campaign released a poll showing Bob Corker with a 20 point lead over Van Hilleary and a 26 point lead over Ed Bryant in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.

The Corker camp was eager to release those numbers, however, the campaign never released the full report of the poll, including the questions that were asked of the respondents.

That leads me and other observers to believe that the Corker camapign might have something to hide by not releasing the full report. But what could it be?

Did they ask questions that would skew the results? Did they do a hypothetical matchup between Corker and Ford that polled bad for them? (Very likely as Ford has trounched Corker in previous polling)

There has to be some reason why they would not issue a full report on the poll as most campaigns do.

We all know Bob Corker is not the most honest man around, so you never know. (Just last week he had to pull two ads because they were terribly misleading)

Therefore, I call on the Corker campaign to release the full report of their latest poll and put an end to this speculation.

Stay tuned...