Monday, May 15, 2006

Washington Post: Ford Is A Rare Democrat Who Can Win In The South

The Washington Post still lists the Tennessee Senate race as one of the most competitive races in the nation. In their latest analysis of the race, they report:

"Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr. has run an intriguing campaign so far, going on television earlier than almost any other candidate in the country to talk about issues of the day like port security and high gas prices. That willingness to take risks -- combined with a decidedly friendly national environment -- could make Ford the rare Democrat with a real chance to win a federal race in the South."

The Washington Post joins a growing list of well respected political experts in their praise for Congressman Ford.

Just days ago, Charlie Cook said the following of Congressman Ford: "Their Tennessee nominee, Rep. Harold Ford, may be their strongest recruit of the cycle in terms of raw talent, political skills, and fundraising ability."

"The nation's current political climate means that Ford, a talented politician with a moderate record, couldn't have a better year in which to run for statewide office in Tennessee. He will be competitive regardless of which Republican he faces in the fall.."