Monday, May 01, 2006

More Republican Praise For Harold Ford Jr.

Wow, Republicans just can't seem to quit showing the love for our guy, Harold Ford Jr!

The following comes from Republican blogger Phil Ayers from the Tennessee Talk blog:

I must admit . . . Congressman Ford is a really nice guy. I just ran into him in my building. I think it is important to point things like that out sometime. Given, I am a Republican. And, many times, we as politically-involved people get into the mode of thinking that the other side of the aisle is “the devil” (Waterboy reference).

But, anything that I would ever say about Congressman Ford or any other candidate is said with the highest degree of respect. I just disagree with their views and what they stand for idologically - though I know that they are just as committed to their views as I am.

In an age of partisanship, I think that it is very important that we recognize the human nature of political discussion . . . and realize that any disagreements (most of the time) are about someone’s views . . . not them as people. Politics needs civility. And, for God sakes, as I have observed from the Tennessee Blogosphere and its frequent pettiness this campaign season . . . the Blogosphere needs some civility in discourse.

This appears to be a trend I see forming.

Each time someone hears Harold Ford Jr. speak or gets to meet him in person, they love him. That goes for Democrats, Republicans, Indepedents, etc.

The guy just has that charm and appeal unlike no one else. He brings out the best in people.

That is one reason why he will win come this November!