Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ethics: Congressman Bob Ney Very Close To Being "Delayed"

The Ohio News Network is reporting that Congressman Bob Ney is very close to being indicted for his role in the Jack Abramoff scandal.

ONN reports, "Federal investigators appear closer to bringing charges against Ohio Congressman Bob Ney, but Ney says he does not expect to be indicted.

The federal investigation appeared to move closer to Ney after a former aide pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring to bribe the congressman.

Neal Volz was Ney's chief of staff who left to go to work for lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Abramoff has also entered a guilty plea in the case.

He is the most recent of a series of Abramoff associates who appear to be cooperating with investigators in testifying against Ney about trips and other gifts offered in exchange for help with legislation.

Ney said in an interview with the Fox News Channel he doesn't believe he'll be indicted.

"Nothing has directly come at me. I have not been indicted, but I don't view what happened with Neal Volz and the extreme pressure that he's under as knocking on my door," Nay said.

Volz could be a critical witness against Ney since he could testify about actions the congressman took while Volz was his staffer.

When asked if he would resign if indicted, Ney says he's not commenting on hypotheticals.

Bob Ney easily won his Republican primary last week in the 18th district, but Democrats have targeted him for defeat in the fall."

Yet another Republican bites the dust!

You know, it would seem that after all the investigations, indictments, and convictions that John Boehner and the Republicans have experienced just in the last year, that they would get serious about ethics.

Instead, they try to decieve the people by passing a reform bill that does nothing to fix the problem that exists now. Shame on them.

Come this November, Ney and company won't have to worry about resigning in shame...the American people will kick them out!

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