Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ed Bryant's Tough Immigration Talk Phony? Lamar Alexander Thinks So

In the past few months as the immigration issue has taken center stage in America, Ed Bryant has tried to portray himself as the hardline conservative who is and always has been tough on illegal immigration.

However, his voting record says otherwise. (Check back on our blog this week for more on his record)

And so does Senator Lamar Alexander.

In fact, during the 2002 Republican primary, which Ed lost, Lamar constantly pointed out that while in Congress, Ed voted "to allow U.S. firms to LAYOFF American workers and hire foreign workers to take their place."

You can see the ad Senator Alexander ran against Ed and his poor record on immigration here.

We need a U.S. Senator who is tough on immigration and who will stand up for American workers all the time--not just during an election year.

Clearly, Ed Bryant is not the man for the job.

Read about Harold Ford Jr's views on immigration here! (1, 2,)