Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DSCC Chairman: Harold Ford Is A "Natural"

Last week, DSCC Chair Senator Charles Schumer gave his views on some of the nation's most competitive races and some of the nation's best candidates.

In his analysis, Schumer spoke about Congressman Ford:

On the Senate race in Tennessee, where Democratic Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr. is seeking Frist’s seat:

[Ford] is a blessing for a DSCC chair. ... Harold Ford is a great candidate; he’s a natural. And he’s doing well. The Republicans [who have a contentious three-candidate primary contest] are going to continue to pillory one another. ... Harold is spending that time and his money getting known throughout Tennessee. He’s one of our few candidates who has ads on early. And he can afford to do that because he’s a great fundraiser and has a national following.

Senator Schumer is correct: Harold Ford Jr. is an all-star candidate.

Respected political pundit, Charlie Cook, agrees with that notion as well.

Just a couple weeks back, Cook said, "Their Tennessee nominee, Rep. Harold Ford, may be their strongest recruit of the cycle in terms of raw talent, political skills, and fundraising ability."

"The nation's current political climate means that Ford, a talented politician with a moderate record, couldn't have a better year in which to run for statewide office in Tennessee. He will be competitive regardless of which Republican he faces in the fall.."

With all of this positive press, it is no wonder that Liddy Dole and the NRSC are running scared right now urging the Republican candidates "to focus more on Harold Ford Jr.”

Can you say Senator Ford?