Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Deceit Runneth Deep In Every Corker Television Campaign

Just as he did in 1994, Bob Corker is currently taking heat for his lies and half truths in his campaign's television campaign.

Below is a comparison of Corker's 1994 television campaign versus his 2006 television campaign.

After viewing the comparison, I think you will be able to see the overriding decietful theme every Corker campaign encompasses.

Bob Corker's 1994 Television Campaign
  • Corker Ad Falsely Accused Bill Frist Of Being A Vietnam War Protestor: “Corker also poked fun at Frist's admission in an autobiography, Transplant, that as a medical student he would adopt cats ostensibly as pets so that he could conduct medical experiments.

    And he criticized Frist for not voting for 18 years in ads that included footage of Vietnam War protests. Frist's campaign manager, Tom Perdue, complained the ad made it look like Frist was a war protester and he called Corker ''pond scum.''"
    -- Commercial Appeal, 08/04/94

  • Frist's Right Hand Man Had Some Pretty Tough Words For Corker: “Striking back at campaign ads he says were unfair, Perdue has blasted Frist's chief opponent, Chattanooga builder Bob Corker, as "rotten on the inside," "a coward" and "pond scum." -- Atlanta Journal Constitution, 08/02/94
  • Corker Now Getting Some Of His Own Medicine? Corker Attack Ad On Frist Questioned Frist's Republican Credentials: “opening shot in what is fast becoming a sizzler of a campaign was an Ad questioning Dr. Frist's credentials as a Republican, given his less than glowing record as a voter. The ad points out that Frist became eligible to register to vote in 1971 but "didn't get around to it until 1988." The caption and voice-over run against a background shot of a Vietnam War protest. The ad goes on to say that the Nashville heart surgeon turned politician has never voted in a Republican primary, never voted "for Howard Baker or Lamar Alexander. And he never voted for Ronald Reagan.""-- Knoxville News-Sentinel, 08/01/94
  • Frist Campaign Called Corker's Attack Ad Unethical: “Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bill Frist is crying foul over a rival’s television ad that Frist says implies he was an anti-war demonstrator.

    ''In the ad there is footage of a Vietnam War protest and that is absolutely crossing the line,'' charged Frist campaign manager Tom Perdue of an ad paid for by Republican Bob Corker. ''To state the facts, that is fair, but to try to leave the impression in anyone's mind that they are trying to leave is far more than just unfair . . . it's unethical.''
    -- Commercial Appeal, 07/27/94
Bob Corker's 2006 Television Campaign

  • Pat Nolan Goes After Corker Saying That He Is A "Little Bit Cute" In His Latest TV Ad: “The new Corker ad touts his record as Mayor of Chattanooga, reportedly reducing the size of government and lowering property tax RATES. Notice that’s RATES, not necessarily taxes. Remember, by state law, property taxes rates must be lowered or adjusted periodically when an overall property reappraisal is done and the size and value of the overall tax base increases. I doubt many people, if any, pay lower property taxes in Chattanooga these days.

    It’s not the first time a candidate or a Mayor has tried to be a little bit cute in how he talks about property taxes. Governor Bredesen used similar language about his time as Mayor of Nashville when he ran four years ago. It’s not incorrect, but just be sure you understand what it means and doesn’t mean.”
    -- Pat Nolan, Capitol View Commentary 05/19/06

  • Corker Lies: Claims He Reduced Chattanooga’s Tax Rates To Where They Were In 1950's, However, The Truth Is He Actually Increated Property Taxes By 48 Cents And Never Rolled Back That Spike: “Corker, the former Chattanooga mayor, is being dishonest in TV ads that claim he lowered tax rates to 1950s levels during his term when he actually increased property taxes by 48 cents, claims the campaign of Van Hilleary, one of his GOP rivals.” -- Tennessean, 05/20/06

  • Hypocritical Corker: Blasts Congressional Pay Raises But Allowed His Own Salary To Go Up Three Times As Mayor, Even Though He Was A Millionaire: “And national Democrats say Corker is being hypocritical in a radio ad when he takes congressional members to task for raising their own pay since he saw his salary go up three times as mayor.” -- Tennessean, 05/20/06

  • Corker's Campaign Finally Had To Come Out And Reveal The Info About Raising Taxes And Accepting Pay Raises Were True: “Citing 2001 articles from Corker’s hometown newspaper, the Chattanooga Times-Free Press, Hilleary’s campaign issue a statement saying Corker offered a 48-cent property tax increase in his 2002 budget in answer to a $17.8 million shortfall Corker inherited after he took office. The Chattanooga City Council approved the tax increase. Hilleary also citied further 2001 news reports showing Corker accepted an approximately $3,000 pay raise as mayor in 2001”...

    “Corker Campaign Manager Ben Mitchell conceded the Hilleary campaign’s information was correct...”
    -- Nashville City Paper, 05/22/06

Whether it be 1994 or 2006, the fact remains that Bob Corker resorts to desperate and deceitful tactics every time he hits the television airwaves.

However, just as they did back in 1994, I expect the great people of Tennessee to reject his lies and distortions.

It is time for a new generation of leadership who will bring about accountability and honesty to our government.

Clearly, Bob (Fraud) Corker is not the man for the job.

140 Days

Days of Congressional Inaction on Ethics

Above is the number of days that have passed since Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to bribing Congressman.

It is also the number of days in which Congress has failed to pass an ethics reform bill that would limit private travel, ski and golf junkets, and would call for a full disclosure of expenses by lobbyists on members of Congress.

It is time for Congress to step up and pass an ethics reform bill that would do all of the above. In addition, it is time to end the pork barrel spending system as we know it and establish an independent ethics commission that would review ethics complaints against members of Congress.

I am proud Congressman Harold Ford Jr. is fighting for that reform!

Read Congressman Ford's call for reform of the House rules here!