Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wide Majority In Army Times Poll Agrees With Ford: Rumsfeld Should Resign

The drumbeats calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's resignation, keeps growing louder by the day.

This time a pro-military publication's poll finds that a wide majority of respondents feel Rumsfeld should resign:

According to a poll at, a majority of respondents believe that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld should resign, RAW STORY has found.

At the time of this writing, 2985 readers have voted in the latest Army Times poll (
link), with 1,889 (63.28%) agreeing that the "U.S. war effort is grounds for Secretary Rumsfeld to resign."

996 (33.37%) voted no and 100 (3.35%) had no opinion.

In a poll taken shortly after reports of prison abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison came out in 2004, a plurality of readers agreed that Rumsfeld and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Richard Myers shouldn't keep their jobs "in light of the allegations." At the time, 3,644 (44.58%) thought they both should go, 3,644 (41.07%) said they should stay, and 739 responded that just Rumsfeld should go (9.04%).

Full text of current question on Rumsfeld:

"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has come under fire in recent weeks from a variety of retired generals, who say he should resign for his performance in managing the war in Iraq. Do you think the U.S. war effort is grounds for Secretary Rumsfeld to resign?"

Harold Ford Jr. agrees that Donald Rumsfeld should resign.

In an op-ed written earlier this week, Ford said, "America is built upon a rock of personal responsibility. Our troops and veterans have accepted theirs. Tennesseans who have supported these great men and women have accepted theirs. And if a seventh-grader at Blountville Middle School can accept hers with grace and dignity, surely the Secretary of Defense can do no less.

Secretary Rumsfeld, it is time for you to account to Amanda. It is time for you to resign."

Congressman Ford understands what is at stake as long as Rumsfeld remains the Secretary of Defense.

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is an American issue.

The stake of our nation and the safety of our troops are in the balance.

It is time for the President, Donald Rumsfeld, as well as Ed Bryant, Van Hilleary, and Bob Corker to realize that.