Thursday, April 13, 2006

Senator Max Cleland Campaigns With Congressman Ford

Hey guys, just got in from Nashville where I spent the evening with the Ford campaign as they made their swing back through the state capitol.

First, the Congressman along with special guest Max Cleland, Jim Cooper, Kim McMillan, and various other leaders attended the women's caucus at Nashville's Children Theater.

The Congressman spoke about several things including his campaign kickoff tour. He indicated that everywhere he has been so far, he has received a great response from people.

He also spoke about the dropping out of Senator Kurita from the race. He was very gracious as always, giving Kurita the respect she deserves.

And finally, he gave his campaign stump speech, which got the crowd going as always!

Special guest Max Cleland, who I had the honor of meeting, also got the crowd going as he proclaimed his support for Congressman Ford. Senator Cleland clearly understands the importance of this race here in Tennessee.

Later in the evening, the Congressman and Senator Cleland attended a rally at the Exit In in Nashville. The place was hopping with live music and just a great energy in the air.

As Congressman Ford and Senator Cleland took the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers!

Both spoke again and were very warmly received by the crowd.

It was so great seeing a patriot like Max Cleland come to Tennessee to try to help make a positive difference.

Cleland cleary understands the importance of electing Harold Ford Jr. Tennessee's next U.S. Senator.

He made that clear when he said that he is doing his country just as great a service by campaigning for Harold Ford Jr. as he did in Vietnam.

It was just another great day for the Ford campaign as it rolled through our great state!