Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Republican Senator Alludes That Seven Of His Own Are Going To Prison

This may be one of the stranger political developments I have saw in a while.

It appears a Republican Senator is admitting that a handful of his own party members will be sent to prision for their involvement in the Jack Abramoff scandal.

NBC-K10 has more on this breaking news:

"U-S Senator Tom Coburn isn't naming names, but he expects six congressmen and a fellow senator will go to jail.

That's because he thinks they'll be facing corruption charges following investigations involving lobbyist Jack Abramoff and others.Speaking at a town hall meeting in Wagoner last night, Coburn said that "if you've been keeping up with things, you've got a pretty good idea" of who the seven lawmakers are."

Looks like the Republican majority is going to get even smaller before the mid-term elections this year.

John Boehner are going to pay for their refusal to address ethics in Washington and even one of their own recognizes that.

I wonder when Senator Coburn will reveal which of his own will be going to the pokey?

We shall see.

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