Friday, April 21, 2006

News 2 Blogger: "I Do Believe Harold Had His Wheaties This Morning"

On Wednesday, conservative News 2 blogger Kleinheider attended the Tennessee Business Roundtable Forum in Nashville which featured all of the candidates who are running for the U.S. Senate here in Tennessee.

In his post forum analysis he had some very good comments regarding Congressman Ford and his performance.

His comments are below:

"As good as Harold Ford is on television, he is even better in person. Very confident, almost brash (which you don't get on TV), very comfortable in his own skin and well rehearsed. Of the four, he is clearly the best speaker. He talks about security. He links our security to our economy more so than border issues or foreign policy. A solid tactic, I think."

"Question two was on the deficit. Ford notes that every child born today is born with a $30,000 dollar bounty on its head. Ford hits this issue hard. Paints Republicans as "tax-cut and spenders" and calls for a 2-year budget instead of one, as to avoid the constant bickering very year. Ford is very impressive here. He is clearly up on the issues without being wonkish. Excellent presentation.

Even Hilleary is forced to exclaim when his turn comes, "I do believe Harold had his Wheaties this morning."

"Ford hits the GOP in the rebuttal period again focusing on the recent raising of the debt limit. Strikes an independent pose saying he not wedded to either party's dogma saying, "I believe in one thing -- arithmetic." Oooo, I do like a good soundbite."

"Ford, of course, talks about his congressional experience. What else is he gonna do? Talk about St. Albans? The man is almost 36, nine years in congress. One-fourth of his life. Pretty impressive for such a young man.

"Interesting note about his age. Clearly, he is not trying to hide it or downplay it. He mentions it a lot. It seems to be his game plan to use it as a positive. He constantly works into this issue or that issue that he has a good perspective on issues because his time horizon is longer. Ford and his peers will be around much longer than his older counterparts so he is best positioned to prepare America for the future because he has more future to look forward to. Excellent tactic."

"Ford stakes out a pretty good position. He's opposed to walls but breaks bad with the room insisting that business must be held accountable for illegals. Respect. He also runs out the standard Democrat line of lifting up poor countries so their residents no longer want or need to come here."