Monday, April 24, 2006

Karl Rove The Next Member Of The Republican Culture Of Corruption?

Is the Republican Culture of Corruption about to induct yet another member soon?

As my friend David Bander at Forward With Ford reports, MSNBC thinks so:

Is Karl Rove about to be indicted?

Last night, MSNBC’s David Shuster took a look at recent court filings by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and suggests that Karl Rove is likely to be indicted.

Three key points made by Shuster:

1. The latest court documents, for the first time, name Rove as a subject of the investigation.

2. The court documents go out of their way to say that Rove will not be called as a witness in Scooter Libby’s trial, even though Rove is a key part of the narrative. Shuster notes that this is done when prosecutors want to “leave open the possibility of later charging that particular subject in a separate case.”

3. Rove is referred in court documents as “Official A.” Shuster says “in every single case we have found, Keith, that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald when he designates somebody as Official A in an indictment, that person eventually does get indicted themselves."

Clearly, the Republicans have failed the American people both policy-wise and ethically-wise.

Neither is going to get any better either. They are not going to change their agenda and John Boehner (who has already said no to ethics reform) and company are not about to reform ethics.
However, I am confident that the American people will send them a message in the form of a pink slip this November!

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