Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Corker Shows Hypocrisy, Goes After Fellow Republican Candidates

Am I going crazy, or do I remember correctly Pro-Abortion, Pro-Tax Increase, and Pro-Illegal Immigration Bob Corker vowing not to go negative against his Republican primary foes?

Lets have a look:

"My daddy, when I was growing up, said, ‘Son if you gotta talk somebody else down to get ahead, you need to pursue something else,'" Corker answered. "I've tried to point out my strengths. ... We've never said anything negative about any of our opponents." Corker also has said "We really think we have an awesome opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the other candidates without being negative." Kingsport Times-News, 1/18/06

"[Bob] Corker said he would follow what former President Ronald Reagan referred to as "the eleventh commandment," by not attacking Republican opponents as well as advice from his own father." Rogersville Review, 01/20/06

Phew...I was hoping I was not just losing my mind there!

It looks like Corky forgot what his dad told him because according to Monday's Nashville City Paper, he is currently launching attacks on both Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary.

The City Paper reports, "The day after the U.S. Senate approved a bill that required a two-year cooling off period before former elected officials could become lobbyists, the Corker campaign issued a press release, saying the Senate vote bans what both Van Hilleary, who’s also running for Senate, and Bryant did."

Tisk, tisk, tisk. What would Corker's dad say about him now?

Probably the same thing voters will say to him this fall.