Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why The Double Standard?

The website Very Fancy Frist reports the following on Senator Frist's lavish lifestyle:

"The year-end and February monthly reports for Bill Frist’s Volunteer PAC showed $857 in charges at Charlie Palmer Steak, along with thousands in luxury lodging charges at fancy hotels. Frist’s PAC spent $1,700 at the Four Seasons Miami, $1,000 at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, a popular resort destination, $1,890 at the Planters Inn in Charleston, SC where you can “awaken to breakfast on silver, brought to your room” and “return from touring to enjoy ice tea or cocktails in the Parlor,” $1,307 at the swanky Hotel George in Washington, $924 at the Willard Hotel, and $775 at the Campton Place Hotel, “San Francisco's renowned luxury boutique hotel.”

This is once again evidence that Frist, Bush, and the rest of the Republicans do the exact same thing (and more in most cases) they are criticizing Congressman Ford for.

So once again, I will ask, why are the Republicans attacking Ford for exactly the same thing each and everyone of them do?

I think I know. Race.

Do you think the Republicans would launch a website like the one they have for Ford against a non-black or hispanic candidate? I don't think so.

The Republicans know that they are in serious trouble right now and they are desperate. That is why they are turning to these tactics of hate.

Shame on them.