Monday, March 27, 2006

Van's Chronic Foot In Mouth Disease Strikes Again!

Well guys, it looks as though Van Hilleary's chronic foot in mouth disease has struck again.

A few weeks back Van participated in a candidate forum that was hosted by the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce. During the debate, Van stood before everyone and with a straight face lied about his record on supporting ethanol as an alternative to gasoline.

Van's Lie: "Well, you know, everybody becomes a big ethanol supporter when they run for President, because they have to go through the Iowa caucauses. Well, I have always been a big ethanol supporter. I don't know why we're not pursuing that with much more vigor." -- Van Hilleary, TN Chamber of Commerce, 03/01/06

So you have always been a big supporter of ethanol, Van? Hmm...your record doesn't seem to suggest that.

In fact, while serving in Congress Van Hilleary actually openly supported ending the federal ethanol subsidy : "Rep. Van Hilleary, a Spring City Republican, favors a gas tax cut and offsetting lost revenues by ending the federal subsidy for ethanol, a fuel using grain alcohol, which his staff said costs taxpayers $1.8 billion a year." -- Knoxville News-Sentinel, 05/12/96

Just another example of Van's chronic foot in mouth disease.

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