Friday, March 31, 2006

Republicans Label Abramoff A "Patriot"

Ok, this is just sick. We knew the Republicans are not going to do anything about the ethics situation in Washington, but this has gone too far.

It appears Republican lawmakers went to bat for Abramoff in his sentencing phase to lessen his sentence and went as far as to call the ethical criminal a "patriot."

The following article excerpts will turn your stomach:

"The letters, which ask the judge for lowest possible sentence, also were a reminder of how far Abramoff has fallen. Once a household name on Capitol Hill where he doled out political donations by the dozens and lent his restaurant to lawmakers for fundraisers, Abramoff got just a single letter of support from a member of Congress, his longtime friend Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif.

"Over many years, I've known a far different Jack than the profit-seeking megalomaniac portrayed in the press," Rohrabacher wrote. "Jack was a selfless patriot for most of the time I knew him."

In an interview, Rohrabacher explained why he took a risk others in Congress wouldn't in writing the letter. "Jack was a good friend, and even your good friends at times do wrong things," the lawmaker said.

A former top Republican official in California's Assembly, Steve Baldwin, and two military officers were the others with government connections willing to attach their names to letters appearing in Abramoff's court case."

The American people are tired of these kind of things.

The people of this nation deserve better than a Republican Congress who sticks up for ethical criminals and will do nothing about ethics reform.

It is time for reform!

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