Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More Republican Quibbling

In the past week, the Conservatives for Corker blog has been hammering Ed Bryant pretty hard for some comments that he has made about Congressman Harold Ford and his campaign.

C4C first posted about Bryant's comments last Wednesday saying, "Republicans across the state should be disappointed in the Bryant campaign’s recent defense of Harold Ford Jr. in the Chattanooga Times Free Press."

"I know there is a primary going on, but the Bryant campaign needs to realize that Ford – not Corker or Hilleary – is the real enemy. As the campaign continues, Tennessee Republicans will surely reject the Bryant campaign’s negativity and attacks on fellow Republicans – especially if the attacks sound like subtle compliment to Ford Jr. .”

Then on Friday C4C added, "In what is becoming a pattern, Ed Bryant helped out the Ford campaign once again this week. Bryant said recently that “Ford is formidable and should not be taken for granted.” In his most recent fundraising email solicitation, Ford uses this quote to encourage his supported to donate to his campaign before the end of the quarter.

While we hope Bryant is not trying to make Ford look like a more formidable opponent in order to force Van out of the race (knowing that Van is the least electable candidate in a general election), that is twice this week that the Bryant campaign has helped out Ford."

It looks as though the people in the Corker camp are about the only ones around still in denial that Harold Ford Jr. is a serious top tier candidate in this race.

As shown by recent polls, analysis, and predictions, Harold Ford Jr. has not only put the 2006 Senate race here in Tennessee on the map, but is the front runner in the race and is well positioned to win in November.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee Corkerites!