Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just Another Political Expert Saying Harold Ford Jr. Can Win In 2006

Earlier in the week, Hardball with Chris Matthews had Robert M. Stein, who is the Dean of Social Sciences and a Professor of Political Science at Rice University, on the show analyzing some of the 2006 races.

When the 2006 Tennessee Senate race came up, Stein agreed with a growing mass of political experts and voters in saying that Harold Ford Jr. can win the race:

MATTHEWS: OK, let me ask you about Tennessee. We`ve got Harold Ford, a longtime Congressman, son of a Congressman, very well known in national media circles, very attractive, right, running in Tennessee. Can he win the general?

STEIN: That`s a tough one. That`s an African-American running against -- well, we don`t know who that -- the first seat is an open seat if he should run for the presidency as said so.

It`s not clear that that`s an easy seat, but nonetheless, that`s a border state, that`s Al Gore`s state. It`s a state that should have stayed in the Democratic column. I`d say that is clearly a toss up. Charlie Cook lists it as a toss up. I`d say a lot depends on who the Republican nominee is.

MATTHEWS: If they pick somebody far right, it will help Ford.

STEIN: Absolutely. You have got some big cities, you have a big African-American vote, and most importantly, you`ve got an east and a west divide. And the Democrat can sneak in there but, again, it`s going to be the right Democrat and Ford clearly could be the right Democrat, depending on who he`s running against.