Friday, January 20, 2006

Byrant Misses King Holiday, Does Not Support Civil Rights for African Americans or Women

Where was Ed Bryant on Dr. Martin Luther King Day this past Monday?

Does anyone know?

There is nothing on his website indicating he went or took place in any event honoring Dr. King, nor is there a release on his website paying respect to Dr. King. (Congressman Ford did)

We all know that Blogging for Bryant, Ed's support blog, likes to make some outlandish and flat-out untrue comments about Congressman Ford, but how will they answer to Ed's failure to celebrate the life of Dr. King and all he stood for?

I am interested to see their response.

It will also be interesting to see their explanation for the following votes Ed made while serving in Congress: (Vote info according to

* Ed voted NO on otion offered by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) to recommit the bill with instructions to include language to ensure that the legislation would not be allowed to supercede state and local anti-discrimination laws and by stating that no organization would be allowed to discriminate on the basis of religion, thus addressing some of the primary concerns expressed by the NAACP. (From NAACP scoreboard)

* Ed voted YES on the final passage of legislation that would have provided US Customs Officers immunity from lawsuits for searches of individuals based on racial profiling. The bill was brought for a vote under suspension of the rules, which means that 2/3 of those voting (283 in this case) must vote "yea" for the bill to pass. The bill failed. #478, 6-Dec-01, 256:168

* Ed voted NO on an amendment to increase funding for Boys and Girls Clubs and drug courts by $61 million Roll Call no. 317, 22-Jun-00

* Ed voted YES on the Roukema (R-NJ). Amendment, which sought to strike the Disadvantaged Business Enterprises section and insert language encouraging affirmative action and prohibiting discrimination or preferential treatment. Roll Call no. 93, 1-Apr-98

* Ed voted NO on a motion to recommit the bill to the Banking Committee with instructions to report it back with an amendment to prohibit insurance "redlining", or having discriminatory practices against women and minorities, stronger privacy protections to shield customers' medical and financial information and prohibit its use or distribution without customers' consent and prevent the distribution of information. HOUSE ROLL CALL VOTE 275, July 1, 1999

* Ed voted NO on an amendment to increase by $2 million the bill's funding for the Women's Educational Equity Act. HOUSE ROLL CALL VOTE 304, July 11, 1996

* Ed voted NO on an amendment to eliminate the cap placed by the bill on the number of participants in the supplemental food program for Women, Infants and Children in fiscal 1996. HOUSE ROLL CALL VOTE 543, July 20, 1995

Ed's clear disdain for civil rights is evident in the ratings the NAACP gave him while in Congress.

2001: 21, 2000: 0, 1999: 25, 1998: 0 and 1997: 14

By both his actions and his votes, Ed Bryant has shown he is no friend to civil rights.

He has proven himself unworthy of being our next U.S. Senator.