Friday, December 23, 2005

Harold Ford Jr. In Control Heading Into 2006

Since filing the necessary papers to run for the U.S. Senate back in May, Congressman Harold Ford Jr. has been traveling all over Tennessee talking about the most important issues of the day and his vision for the state and nation.

In his seven months of campaigning, Congressman Ford has made serious inroads on the once GOP stronghold in Tennessee.

What once was thought to be a shoe-in for the Republicans, has now became a real race with Harold Ford Jr. controlling the message and having the momentum.

According a recently released analysis from the independent and trusted Cook Political Report, Tennessee's Senate race ranks as only 1 of 4 toss-ups in the entire country.

Cook is not alone in his analysis either. Other well respected experts and pundits also believe Ford can win.

They are all backed up by several key factors.

First, the latest Zogby poll showed Congressman surging in support. According to their tracking poll, back in August, Ford trailed by 17 points. In September, he was behind 11 points. And according to the latest polling, he has cut the lead to within the margin of error to 6 points or a statistical dead heat.

Second, a recent Global Strategy Group poll showed Congressman Ford leading all of his opponents in U.S. Senate campaign.

Third, a Rasmussen poll released just this week showed showed Congressman Ford either beating or being in a statistical dead heat with each of his Republican counterparts.

Finally, Congressman Ford led all his candidates in fundraising for the third quarter and has raised more than any other candidate in 2005.

Other indicators also support the belief that Congressman Ford is well on his way to a victory next November.

According to a November article in the Tennessean a MTSU poll showed that, "Bush's approval rating had plunged from 55% last February to 40% this fall. Support for the war in Iraq also dropped, as did Tennesseans' belief that Bush could achieve political goals such as keeping America prosperous and ensuring Social Security's long-term stability." "The poll also found that 64% of Tennesseans are unhappy with the nation's direction."

Those numbers coincide with the findings from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll.

When asked, "What is your preference for the outcome of the 2006 congressional elections: a Congress controlled by Republicans or a Congress controlled by Democrats?," 46% of those polled said they would prefer Congress to be controlled by Democrats while only 38% chose a Republican controlled Congress.

Clearly, people are seeking change.

That is why Congressman Ford's message is resonating so much and why people are flocking to join his campaign.

I am proud to conclude that there is no doubt in my mind that Harold Ford Jr. will be our Senator-Elect at this time next year!

Cheers to a successful 2005 and a victorious 2006!