Friday, December 09, 2005

GOP Distort's Ford's Solid Record of Fiscal Responsibility

National Republicans Distort Ford's Record
Ford Responds to NRSC Attack

Today, the NRSC issued a press release after an important budget vote in the U.S. Congress attacking Congressman Ford.

Ford Campaign Manager Jim Hester responded saying, "Congressman Ford is the clear frontrunner in the Tennessee Senate race. The only way for Republicans to beat him is to lie about and distort his record. They can't talk about Iraq, rising gas prices, healthcare that is too expensive for many Tennesseans, or the general competency of our government. They have no ideas or agenda for the future of Tennessee, so they resort to lying about Congressman Ford's record."

"One of the biggest lies the Republicans told today was that Congressman Ford opposes extending the Sales Tax Deduction."

Here are the facts:

NRSC Distortion: "Ford Voted Against the 'Tax Relief Extension Act' that extends Tennessee's federal sales tax deduction."

Facts: Today, Congressman Ford instead voted for an alternative tax package that would have extended the deduction for state and local taxes (which is particularly important for a sales tax state like TN) while also cutting taxes by $43 billion to working Tennesseans and entrepreneurs without adding a nickel to the deficit. This "Tax Relief Extension Act" the Republicans passed will add tens of billions more in to the $8.1 trillion in debt that we already have.

Click here to read more about Congressman Ford's fiscally responsible record on budget and taxes, or follow the link below

Comments: Congressman Ford is fighting for a fair and simple tax system for every Tennessean, not just millionaires.

Although millionaires, like Bob Corker, deserve tax cuts just like everyone else, they shouldn't receive them at the expense of the middle class.

As I have said, Congressman Ford supports tax cuts that makes sense.

More: Congressman Ford was dead on when he said the following in his recent release:

“At a time when middle class families in Tennessee - a state where almost 95% of households earn under $100,000 - are working to get ahead, now is not the time to run up more national debt."

Once again, Congressman Ford is fighting for every Tennesseean, not just a select few.