Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Another Independent Poll Confirms Ford Puts Tennessee In Play

If the Republicans ever thought they had a lock on the 2006 Senate race here in Tennessee, they better look again.

Today Rasmussen polling released the following numbers that show the real dynamics of this race:

Corker (R) 36%
Ford (D) 42%

Bryant (R) 41%
Ford (D) 38%

Hilleary (R) 41%
Ford (D) 39%

Yes that is correct: Ford is leading one of his opponents and within the margin of error on the other two.

Not to mention, the poll also shows that Harold Ford Jr. has both the highest favorable percentage and the highest net favorables.

Favorable vs. unfavorable margins are as follows: Harold Ford Jr. +11, Ed Bryant +9, Van Hilleary +8 and Bob Corker Corker 0. (Wow, Corker's unfavorables are just devestating!)

This only confirms the numbers that Zogby, another independent pollster, has been releasing lately that shows Congressman Ford gaining more and more support with each passing month.

Here are the Zogby tracking numbers:

August 31, 2005
Ed Bryant: 53.6%
Harold Ford Jr: 36.6%
Margin: 17% points

September 29, 2005
Ed Bryant: 51.2%
Harold Ford Jr: 40%
Margin: 11.2% points

October 25, 2005
Ed Bryant: 47.5%
Harold Ford: 41.2%
Margin: 6.3% points *

So as you can see, this is a real race and the momentum is clearly swinging Harold Ford Jr.'s way.