Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where Is The Beef? Bryant, Hilleary, and Corker Still Bankrupt On Ideas

Would it kill the Republicans in the U.S. Senate race to ever talk about the real issues that face Tennessee and our nation?

I mean come on!

Every single day it is the same thing coming from the Republican candidates and their respective blogs: Attacks, misleadings, and debate over non-issues.

Just to prove my point, I am going to post some of the topics which can be found on the front pages of the right wing blogs.

First, lets head over to Blogging for Bryant, the pro-Ed Bryant blog and see what some of their headlines are.
  • Tennessee Right to Life’s Endorsement of Bryant Reflects Growing Support Among Conservatives
  • Is Van Damaged Goods?
  • Tasteless: Ford Uses War in Iraq to Solicit Campaign Cash
  • Van Hilleary: Asleep at the Wheel
  • Brazile: Ford's a Liberal

Next, lets have a look at the headlines on the Van Wagon, the pro-Van Hilleary blog.

  • Even Democrats Question Corker's Conservatism!
  • Revisiting Harold Ford's '06 Senate Candidacy
  • Is Corker Losing His Base?
  • Bob Corker On The Run
  • "Native American groups spread the campaign love"

Finally, it is on to Conservatives for Corker, a pro-Bob Corker blog.

Could they break the mold by talking some substance? Not a chance.

  • Hilleary's Week to Get Worse?
  • Hilleary Still Searching for the "Lost" Money
  • Hilleary Cover-up Worse than His Abramoff Connection?
  • Bryant / Hilleary Trade “Bitter” Blows
  • Ford's $2M Expectations

See what I mean? No talk about the real issues in this race--just petty attacks and discussion of other non-issues.

The Republican candidates have plainly demonstrated their disdain for the real issues in this race.

Congressman Ford on the other hand has shown he is a man of the issues.

For example, in June, Congressman Ford released a letter to the President upon returning from Iraq to give him a personal assessment of how things are going in Iraq. Then in July, the Congressman laid out his own plan for what should be done in Iraq, calling for new ideas and new strategies to ensure success. Since that time, he has been steadfast in his efforts to make sure our nation is successful in its efforts in Iraq. In November, in an effort to find much needed answers, Congressman Ford called for Congressional hearings on pre-war intelligence.

Another issue in which the Congressman has been proactive in is education. Back in July, Ford released a comprehensive education plan entitled the "21st Century Education Plan." The plan carefully details the steps the government must take in order to get our education system on track and for the United States to once again compete globally with countries such as India and China.

Also in July, Congressman Ford passed legislation that would reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, while increasing the use of conservation through the production of hybrid and advanced diesel vehicles. Ford also wrote a letter to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist encouraging him to support America's independence from foreign oil by supporting incentives for hybrid automobile production and use in the energy bill.

In August, Ford released a television ad that laid out key initiatives that he believes will help the American workforce compete better in the global community. They included having a better educational system (read the Congressman's education plan), on the job re-training, fair trade policies (read the Congressman's comments on CAFTA), and supporting small businesses. Also in the ad, Ford eluded that it will take a joint effort by government and business to get a grip on America's economic future and to make "America work, and keep Americans working."

Congressman Ford has also stepped up to the plate and took the lead on the issue of disaster preparedness in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Congressman made sure the local, state, and federal governments all had joint response plans in the event of a catastrophic earthquake. He then took his efforts to Congress where he succeed in helping obtain $20 million for disaster response planning.

Another issue in which Ford has been proactive in is fiscal responsibility. The Congressman has proposed that we balance the budget, pass a constitutional amendment to do so, and also look at every spending decision Congress has made in the last 2-3 years for potential areas to cut to reduce the deficit. In November, Ford called for a fair, fiscally responsible budget that moved Tennessee forward. And on Tuesday, Congressman Ford re-affirmed his strong fiscal beliefs when he came out against the Bush budget.

Harold Ford Jr. has also taken the lead on other important issues such as saving the 118th Air Lift Wing, relieving the pain at the pump, and childhood savings accounts.

As you can see, there is a clear difference among the candidates in this race.

On one hand you have the Republicans, who would rather play partisan politics and bicker back and forth than talk about substantive issues.

On the other hand you have Congressman Ford who has made it abundantly clear that he cares about the critical issues that face our state and nation. (All indications show the people of Tennessee appreciate that)

The choice is clear: Harold Ford Jr. must be our next U.S. Senator.

Lets make sure we put Tennessee on the right path by electing Congressman Harold Ford Jr. our next U.S. Senator in November of 2006.

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