Thursday, November 10, 2005

Support Congressman Ford In Calling For Hearings On Pre-War Intelligence

Friends, it is time for action.

As you we all know, the issue of how and why we got into a war with Iraq is at the forefront of the national debate in America.

In my earnest opinion, the American people deserve truthful answers in regards to the war in Iraq.

Therefore, I am asking everyone to support Congressman Ford in his calling for Senate and House hearings on pre-war intelligence.

This goes to the very heart of our democracy. Now is the time for action.

As Congressman Ford said on Tuesday, "It is important that the country understand what rationale was employed to embark us on a war with Iraq. We were told that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), that there was a connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq and that without forceful intervention in Iraq, the United States would confront a nuclear armed Iraq very soon. It appears that at a minimum, the Bush Administration had competing intelligence strongly asserting the opposite on at least two of their reasons for war with Iraq. At worst, the Bush team intentionally ignored contradictory intelligence, misled the American people about the danger Iraq posed and wrongly and dangerously sent Americans to war. As a Congressman who gave President Bush the benefit of the doubt about the threats posed by Iraq I - and the American people - want answers to these questions."

It is important that we restore confidence in government among average citizens in America.

The American people deserve honesty and integrity in their public servants.

That is why it is so crucial that we find out the answers to the questions about Iraq so many Americans have.

To help Congressman Ford in his calling for Senate and House hearings into pre-war intelligence, please contact your elected officials and ask them to support these measures in Congress.

The truth shall rise again!