Thursday, November 17, 2005

Recap Of Congressman Ford's Apperance On CNBC's Kudlow and Company

On Wednesday, Congressman Harold Ford Jr. appeared on CNBC's Kudlow and Company.

When asked if he would vote for the extenders on the dividends and capital gains tax cuts, Ford said he would not, although he has in the past.

In good faith and conscience, Ford said, he could not vote to make it harder for his governor (Phil Bredesen) to provide health care as Tennessee cuts the medicade program (Tenncare) and could not look old people in the face in East Tennessee this winter, when there are problems funding low income energy assistance program.

Ford added that Congress needs to figure out a way to curb spending and that giving tax cuts to millionaires will not do the job.

The Congressman went on to say that we find ourselves in a very serious financial time that we cannot ignore.

Ford also pointed out that in the last five years America has been run by a Republican House, Senate, President, and basically a Republican Supreme Court and has spent more money in Washington than at anytime before in history.

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