Friday, November 18, 2005

Harold Ford Stands Up For Tennesseans; Votes No On The Budget

Last night, Congress voted in favor of the budget by a mere two votes.

Let me start by saying that those who voted in favor of this budget should be ashamed of themselves.

With a vote in favor of the budget last night, Congress voted to cut the much needed program which helps the elderly pay their energy bills during the harsh winter months.

They also voted to make college loans more expensive to ordinary Tennesseans, who already had a tough time affording them.

The saddest fact of this these buget cuts, is that they were done so Congress could give yet another elaborate tax cut to millionaires.

It is simply sickening.

I am glad Congressman Harold Ford has the gaul to stand up and fight for the people of Tennessee by voting no on this budget.

As I reported on the blog this week, Congressman Ford said on Kudlow and Company that in good faith and conscience, Ford said, he could not vote to make it harder for his governor (Phil Bredesen) to provide health care as Tennessee cuts the medicade program (Tenncare) and could not look old people in the face in East Tennessee this winter, when there are problems funding low income energy assistance program.

Once again Harold Ford followed through on this commitment to all Tennesseans.

As our next U.S. Senator that is exactly what he will do.

He will work for all Tennesseans; not just a select few.

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