Monday, November 21, 2005

Congressman Ford Talks Iraq On Sunday's MSNBC Live

On Sunday morning, Congressman Harold Ford Jr. appeared on MNBC Live with Alex Witt.

Ford started out by saying Americans are looking for answers and better policies in regards to the war in Iraq.

After the Thanksgiving break, Ford proposed, Congress should have a bigger, more substantive debate about what needs to be done going ahead in Iraq. (IE: New strategies, a gradual withdrawal, etc.)

Congressman Ford pointed out that what we are doing now in Iraq to quell the insurgency is not working. He stressed that new strategies are needed.

Ford stated that the U.S. is not winning against the insurgents in Iraq.

He added that we (the United States) are winning in helping Iraqis vote for themselves, for a government, etc, however, the idea of democracy is not spreading like it should in Iraq.

Ford declared that staying the course is not viable option because it is not working.

The Congressman asserted that everyone wants stability and democracy to grow fast because we want our troops to come home fast and the Iraqi people to govern themselves.

The troops in Iraq need a smart policy on the ground, Ford contended. He said the smarter and better we are in preparation in America, the better it is for the troops in Iraq.

Ford said what needs to happen is, one, understand our presence is provoking violence in Iraq and two, how can we attract the world community to help in the training of the Iraqi police and military forces. He added that we can not leave until the Iraqis can defend themselves.

Ford also said that a time line could potentially hurt the troops in Iraq.

On the issue of troop levels in Iraq, Ford said senior military leadership is saying they need more troops. He added that it is puzzling to him to hear President Bush say he has not heard his military leadership say that. Ford declared that there is obviously a disconnect or someone is not shooting straight in the Bush administration, because he has heard it at least three times.

Ford concluded by saying that they may need more help in the short term to ensure troops can come back home in a faster way.

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