Monday, October 24, 2005

Tennessee Republicans Unleash Attack Dogs On...Each Other

Well gang, it appears there is no stop for the Republican dysfunction here in Tennessee.

As we have been reporting on for weeks now, the Republicans seeking the U.S. Senate seat here in Tennessee are at each others' throats everyday.

Whether it be questioning each others' electability, conservatism, or truthfullness, they are never at a loss.

Lets take a look around the Republican blogosphere, shall we?

Conservatives for Corker points out that Van Hilleary has attended Democratic fundraisers:

Heath Shuler, who recently said he would run for Congress as a Democrat, held a fundraiser for Van Hilleary in his 2002 gubernatorial campaign. In other words, Democrats have hosted fundraisers for Van Hilleary at their house.

And to think that the Hilleary campaign would attack Bob Corker publicly for its donors . . .

And then in a separate post C4C goes on to attack the Republican attack blog TeamGOP:

Continuing to spread mistruths, TeamGOP had a ridiculous post this week claiming that Bob Corker has dropped in the polls over the last week. This is absurd, primarily because there have been NO U.S. Senate polls conducted in the past three months.

No newspapers have conducted polls. Neither the Bryant nor Hilleary campaigns have raised enough money to conduct polls (plus, we know they would have surely released their poll results publicly if they had actually conducted one). And, if the Corker campaign had done any polling, I have a feeling TeamGOP probably would be the LAST person in the state to find out about it.

Bottom line, TeamGOP is undermining its own credibility with its baseless claims.

Next, The Van Wagon accuses Ed Bryant and his 'spin doctors' of manipulating the facts:

The Hilleary for Senate 2006 campaign issued a press release Monday that spells trouble for the Bryant camp. (Click Here to Read the Press Release) Since the 3rd Quarter fundraising totals were released, the Spin Doctors over at B4B and elsewhere have manipulated the numbers to give Bryant the lead. But let's take a look at the facts.

FACT: Ed Bryant entered the race in January of this year, Van entered in March. Therefore the Bryant campaign had a 3-month head start on campaign fundraising.

FACT: In each and every quarter since Van entered the race, Bryant's funds raised have decreased.

FACT: Ed Bryant raised less money in the 3rd quarter than he did in the 2nd; less money in the 2nd than he did in the 1st. Are we beginning to see a pattern, here?

FACT: Van raised $342,616 in the last quarter. Ed Bryant raised $283,853. That's an increase of about $60,000.

FACT: Van has $127,858 more in the bank that Bryant does.

FACT: Van has increased his funds raised every quarter. Bryant has decreased every quarter.
FACT: Continuing on the current course, Van outraises Bryant by 30% a week.

In the '02 Governor's primary, Van won 93 out of 95 counties.

In his '02 Senate primary, Bryant only won 23 out of 95 counties.

And in his '94 Senate primary, Corker won a mere 17 out of 95 counties.

Thus, Van clearly has a well-established track record of victories. If anyone needs to get out of the is NOT Van Hilleary.

Ed Bryant has never won a statewide primary...Van has!Bryant trails in the polls and Corker is in single digits...Van is leading!Bryant's fundraising has decreased...Van's has increased!

The man that can beat Ford in '06 is the one with a proven record of success. It is the man who has won statewide in the past...who our Party has stood behind in a statewide race...who leads in the polls...and continues to increase his fundraising totals. That man is Van Hilleary.

Meanwhile, Blogging For Bryant is still pushing the idea of Van Hilleary dropping out of the Senate race:

It's been said that Hilleary views the '06 U.S. Senate race as his "last best chance" to win statewide in Tennessee. That selfish notion mixed with his resentment of GOP moderates who abandoned him during his failed '02 gubernatorial bid are fueling his current U.S. Senate ambitions. Unfortunately, Hilleary's ambition is splitting conservative strength in the Republican primary. Conservatives are divided. This is not the right atmosphere for Hilleary to achieve electoral success in Tennessee. Van Hilleary should live to fight another day.

And finally, TeamGOP gets on the attack train by once again going after Bob Corker:

While those Corker stalwarts, 10,000 Democrats and 178 Republican, have been very happy (and rightly so) about their ability to raise money amongst the jet-set Democrats and country club Republican type, some new news is leaking out of the Corker Camp.

While Sponge Bob has hired several first rate political operatives from outside of Tennessee, his level of support has decreased not increased. According to a several reliable sources for the past few months Bob Corker has been hovering around the 10% level of support in the GOP primary, and reportedly that is shown in Corker own internal polls as well. Now we hear that in the last several weeks or month that the number has dropped to 7% to 8%. The most dramatic drop has been in strong GOP areas. Everyone that hates us please understand that we ARE saying that this drop is often times within the margin or error. But Sponge Bob's staff seems to believe the drop is real, so our opinion is moot.

We hear that Camp Corker is not happy and may begin to retool their message, personnel or strategy by using some of that well-publicized Bredesen money.

This is not earth shattering news...but at the least, it is interesting.

Once again, I applaud the GOP candidates for all their dysfuction. I mean not just any party or its candidates could have as much drama as you guys do.

Aside from your daily snipings at each other, lets not forget about your ties to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who is under investigation, and Former House Leader Tom Delay, who has already been indicted.

Simply put, you guys have outdone yourselves. Keep it up!

I can already hear those sweet words..."Introducing Senator Harold Ford Jr!"