Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Recycling Of Republican Candidates

With all this feuding between Republicans about who the best candidate is between Ed Bryant, Van Hilleary, and Bob Corker, one fact always seems to get lost in the fray: all have ran statewide campaigns before and lost!

Yes, that is correct. Each GOP U.S. Senate candidate has ran a statewide campaign before at one point in time and has gotten rejected by the voters of Tennessee.

Here are the results:

Ed Bryant's Failed 2002 U.S. Senate Bid
Alexander 295,062 54%
Bryant 233,678 43%
Other 3%

Van Hilleary's Failed 2002 Gubernatorial Bid
Bredesen 837,284 51%
Hilleary 786,803 48%

Bob Corker's Failed 1994 U.S. Senate Bid
Frist 197,734 44%
Corker 143,808 32%
Wilson 50,274 11%
Sterling 28,425 6%
Others 25,410 6%

This recycling of failed candidates just further re-emphasizes the dire state of the Republican Party here in Tennessee. You know it is bad when they can't even find a person to run for the U.S. Senate who hasn't lost a statewide race before!

Keep hashing it out guys! But just remember, all of you have something in common: each of you were rejected by the voters of Tennessee at one time. Hopefully you can all take solace in that.