Friday, October 21, 2005

Recap Of Congressman Ford's Appearance On CNBC's "Power Lunch" Today

Today Congressman Harold Ford Jr. appeared on CNBC's "Power Lunch" to talk about possible spending cuts in the U.S. budget.

Speaking on the potential cuts to the budget Congressman Ford said that Congress should put every spending decision they have made in the last 2-3 years on table. He said they should look to trim fat out the Medicare bill, while still maintaining protections for the poorest of seniors. Ford also proposed that Congress look at the Energy bill and insure that the government is providing and promoting tax breaks and incentives to companies who are trying discontinue our country's dependence on oil use and are seeking new sources of energy.

During the interview, Ford reiterated his support for making sure that tax breaks are not given to companies which decide to move their businesses overseas to operate during a time of war and the rebuilding of Gulf Coast.

Ford went on to say that he is committed to not raising taxes on the 94% of households in Tennessee who earn under $100,000. He was also fervent in saying that he does not support any cuts to veterans' programs, poor childrens' programs, and small farmers' programs, particularly cotton farmers.

Ford added that Congress needs to make sure that the cuts they make are not in areas where people who are least able to fend for themselves and least able to find other options would be affected.

On the issue of pork, Ford once again said he would be willing to give back some of pork projects in transportation bill if his colleagues are willing to do the same to help pay for Katrina rebuilding in the Gulf.

Congressman Ford ended by saying Congress should give up their pay raise next year, a measure Congressman Ford supported back in June 2005, long before Hurricane Katrina ever hit.

This post was first posted on Thursday, but is being moved up to Friday because of its importance.