Monday, October 10, 2005

More Answers Than Problems: Ford Works West Tennessee

It appears Congressman Ford's solutions-oriented approach to things is really resonating with people.

Below is his latest campaign diary:

We started the morning with a visit to ABC News in Jackson for an interview with Chip Washington about the Senate race. The theme of change in government continues to resonate. We talked gas prices, education and the need for reform in government in Washington. However, prior to our arrival in Jackson for the TV interview, I called into KIX 96 with Richard Donnell to talk about the Senate race as well. The Donnell show went well because of Richard's knowledge of the issues and the quality of call ins we had. I thank both he and Chip for fair interviews and the time to talk about the need for change in government

We left there for Deliverance House of Prayer, pastored by Bishop Nathaniel Bond. Bishop's generosity and kindness are boundless. He counseled me this morning and promised to counsel and pray with me throughout the campaign.

He gave me a powerful piece of advice from his early morning service. He shared, "there are more answers than problems, and there are more Davids than Goliaths." He is so right. I look forward to going back to worship with he and the church's First Lady, Ms. Norma Bond, who is a delight and force in her own right. I thank them again.

After leaving Bishop Bond, we left for St. Paul CME Church where Dr. Arthur David pastors, Bishop William Graves is the Presiding Bishop and Dr. Melvin Wright, a lifelong member and influence in the church, arranged for our visit through Luther Mercer. The reception was wonderful, and it was a pleasure to see my friend Dr. McClure, President of Lane College, who is a member at the church. Dr. McClure is leading Lane with distinction, humility and success. I want to thank especially also Edward Mitchell and his mom, Simone Mitchell. Also want to thank Ms. Georgia Wright for being so sweet this morning.

We left St. Paul for Greater St. Luke, home church for my friend and mentor Ms. Shirlene Mercer. Pastored by Arthur Anderson, the church's sermon was delivered by Claudell Brown preaching from Second Corinthians, 13th chapter. His theme was being tested during a time of war - he gave a compelling sermon. The Mercer family have defined and shaped compassion and leadership for so much of West Tennessee for a long time. I thank them again.

I especially want to thank Ms. Shirlene for opening her home to my staff and me for dinner and then opening her home for a reception for me. And, I want to thank my dear friend Luther for being the perfect guide today.

We left Ms. Shirlene's about 4p headed home to Memphis for about an hour and a half drive. However, I always wanted to stop by the Little Rebel Bar and Grill Drive-In. So, we did. I thank Dennis and Cheryl Owen, Kathi Stafford, Jerry Slaughter and George Webb, the owner who was not there. And last, thank Stan Baker for saying hello and preventing his very large dog from biting me. Mr. Baker implored that I work to take care of veterans' issues. I gave him my word. He is a veteran.

We had a good day.


Harold Ford