Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ford Campaign Raises $519,000 In Third Quarter

The Harold Ford, Jr. for Tennessee U.S. Senate campaign raised in excess of $519,000 for the third quarter, officials said.

Finance Chairman Charles Robert Bone said, “Our campaign's performance to date has been very strong. We have campaigned extensively in more than 60 counties, have garnered the unprecedented endorsement of the AFL-CIO during a primary, have outraised all of our opponents since Jan. 1 and continue growing our support because people believe that Harold Ford's candidacy best represents the change we need in government to make it work better for all of us.

“Having raised in excess of $3 million to date, our campaign has already raised more than a quarter of what we believe it will take to win this race. Most competitive U.S. Senate campaigns raise more than 75% of their money in the calendar year of the election. We are ahead of that schedule with another fundraising quarter in front of us. "We believe it is the Congressman's message that is generating support for us – both financially and otherwise. The Congressman is set to release the five tenets of his Covenant with Tennesseans in the coming weeks. His belief is that government should work better for all of us, and he is committed to making that happen. The support he is enjoying from voters in Sullivan County to Hamilton County, from Montgomery County to Crockett County and of course at home in Shelby County is due in no small part to his message, integrity and relentless work ethic.

“Congressman Ford is excited about the campaign and where he stands with voters. He fully expects the next year to be full of continued fundraising, hard work and a victory in November.”

Note: Reports also show GOP hopeful Bob Corker raised $517,000 while Van Hilleary raised $345,000 during the third quarter.

Rounding out the bottom was Ed Bryant who raised a dismal $278,000.

The Republicans are in disarray. Bob Corker, who is leading the GOP in fundraising, is hated by right wing conservatives while the golden boys of the right wing, Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary are receiving very little financial support from anyone. Not to mention, having friends like Tom Delay can't help their cause.

Stock tip for 2006: Sell your shares in Corker, Bryant, and Hilleary and buy all you can in the Ford stock! It is a sure winner!

Source: The Chattanoogan