Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ford: Adoption Cuts 'Unacceptable'

Following reports that Republican leadership in the House of Representatives is considering cutting benefits for low income families who adopt children, Congressman Harold Ford released the following statement:

"House leadership's proposal to cut $400 million in benefits for families on a fixed income who adopt children or become foster families is unacceptable. By basing eligibility on the financial status of the home from children are removed, rather than the home into which they are placed, this proposal removes incentives for low income families who want to do the right thing and adopt a child in need.

"We should make it easier, not harder, for those making less who still want to give a child a loving and supportive family. That is why I have introduced the Childhood Adoption Act, which would increase the adoption tax credit for children with special needs to $15,000 and make the credit fully refundable to make it more meaningful to people with lower incomes.

"There is nothing more precious than a child. And there is nothing more tragic than to see that child grow up without a nurturing and caring environment."