Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bryant and Hilleary's Last Stand?

Are GOP Senate hopefuls Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary almost finished?

According to some experts, yes. Poor fundraising along with other recent events such as the exposure that both Bryant and Hilleary received huge amounts of money from indicted Republican leader Tom Delay seem to be adding to the notion that the two ultra-conservatives may be on their way down.

In yesterday's Lebanon Democrat, Clint Brewer says, "Another fundraising quarter like the last one and neither man [Bryant and Hilleary] may be able to make the case they are the heir apparent" to Sen. Maj. Leader Bill Frist."

This coupled with the news that Harold Ford Jr. is making serious inroads on the Republican stronghold does not bold well for Bryant and Hilleary.

Last weeks Hill Newspaper agreed saying, "Tennessee, which has twice backed President Bush, is giving some Republicans heartburn, with the GOP Senate contenders attacking their opponents' conservative credentials while Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn.) out fundraises his Republican rivals and aggressively canvasses the state."

The effects of this downward turn are showing too. Their supporters at Blogging for Bryant and the Van Wagon are now resorting to reporting on two month old falsehoods and making up phony conspiracy theories (a sad imitation of our blog's recent factual report) for damage control. Simply put, they are in a state of desperation.

Can Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary co-exist in the U.S. Senate primary? Or will both end up biting the dust? We will see.