Friday, September 09, 2005

Ford Fighting For Relief For Working Families

In a day and age in which gas prices are at an all-time high, the American people are looking for relief anywhere they can find it. This week Congressman Harold Ford Jr. took steps to bring much needed relief to working families when he called for a suspension of the 18.4 cents federal gas tax.

In a press release from Tuesday Ford noted, "The result of a failed national energy policy combined with Hurricane Katrina has produced an average price per gallon in Tennessee of $3.07. The pinch at the pump for Tennesseans is too high. This week, I will ask the Republican leadership in Congress to bring to the floor a bill to suspend the 18.4 cent per gallon gasoline tax for thirty days."

He went on to add, "Now is not the time to shy away from creative and bold approaches. We need to pursue every avenue available to ease the burden on families and businesses across Tennessee and the nation."

Some states such as Georgia have already took on the initiative of putting a moratorium on the gas tax and the results are encouraging.

Thursday the AAA Auto Club South reported that the mean retail price for regular unleaded gasoline in the metro area (Atlanta, Georgia) was now $2.98. That is compared to an estimated average of $3.19 just before the suspension took effect.

In Georgia, it is estimated that motorists will save about an estimated 15 cents per gallon, and gas retailers who do not partake in the savings efforts or are caught in price gouging, could face sanctions.

So as you can see by the results above, the reprieve of the gas tax seems to be working. With that being said, it is now time to take action. One thing we all can do as concerned citizens of the state and nation is to contact our elected officials and urge them to support Congressman Ford in his call for the suspension of the federal gas tax. Let your voice be heard on this all important issue!

To write to your elected officials urging them to support the suspension of the gas tax, click here!

Related: In recent weeks there has been talk in Congress about enacting a windfall profits tax on major oil companies. If put into place, the tax would provide consumers with much needed relief from soaring gas prices by giving them rebates, which would be funded by the windfall profits of major oil companies.

To learn more about the “Windfall Profits Rebate Act of 2005", please click here!

More: Congressman Ford has also put a long term plan in regards to oil and energy independence on the table. He is the only candidate running for U.S. Senate in Tennessee to have a energy independence plan for our future. Read it here!