Thursday, September 01, 2005

Congressman Harold Ford Encourages Members of Congress t o Offer Internships to Displaced Gulf-Region College Students

In addition to the help being offered by Tennessee schools to students enrolled at closed Gulf-region schools, Congressman Harold Ford is offering internships to interested displaced students in his offices in Memphis and Washington, DC. Congressman Ford issued the following statement:

"Tennessee universities should be commended for offering to accept students from colleges and universities hit by this disaster. However, for some students, re-enrollment at other schools may be too difficult or they may want to wait until their records can be retrieved next semester. I want to do my part to ensure students affected by the hurricane have the opportunity to have a productive academic year. That is why I am offering internships to displaced students who may be interested in taking this time to gain valuable experience learning about how our government functions. This would be a good chance to take advantage of an opportunity to learn through work in a congressional office and have a first-hand view of the Congress's efforts to provide immediate aid and funds for the long-term rebuilding of the region."

Congressman Ford is also urging his colleagues in the Congress to offer internship opportunities to students from their districts and states or any other displaced student.

"I also strongly encourage my colleagues in Congress to open their offices to these students as well. If only half of the Members of Congress participate, hundreds of students could potentially benefit and have productive semesters. Together, we can help lessen the hardship on some of the victims of this tragedy."