Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blogarific: Our Blog Once Again Makes The News!

That's blogarific: While most of the public's attention has yet to focus on the U.S. Senate race -- election day is still a year away -- the blogosphere has been abuzz for months.

On blogs produced by supporters of the various candidates, press releases are dissected, facts are checked and inconsistencies exposed. There's also plenty of sniping at each other with caustic comments left on chat rooms, as bloggers accuse each other of ignorance, hypocrisy and poor spelling.

Some of the most spirited (and mean spirited) back-and-forth is at, a blog in support of Republican former congressman Ed Bryant, and, which, naturally, is aligned with Memphis's Ford.

Others in the fray include (for Republican candidate Bob Corker, mayor of Chattanooga); (a supporter of Republican former congressman Van Hilleary) and (a conservative blogger from Nashville who frequently comments on the race).

Comments: Great going guys! Notice how we were mentioned as one of the top blogs of the bunch! That is because of all of you guy's participation! Ford supporters and dedicated and determined!

With a great candidate, a vision, and the truth on our side, a 2006 victory is in hand--but we need your help! So keep up the great work!

Source: The Commercial Appeal