Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Report: Ed Bryant Attacks Federal Judiciary; Shows Inconsistency

The Liar Paradox blog reports today that Ed Bryant spoke at a Tennessee law school where he launched a verbal attack on the federal judiciary of the United States. The LP wrote the following analysis on Bryant's speech:

"Here is a candidate for Senate, who also discussed that it is judicial activism and too loose of an interpretation of our Constitution when the Supreme Court rules that children should not have to face the death penalty.

He also argued that despite the FACT that our federal judiciary has powers, (something Republicans want to ignore and instead resort to name calling when judges do their jobs), perhaps they shouldn't.

Now Bryant didn't come out and say that we should tinker with our Constitution. In fact, he is of the camp that believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. But he did say that "maybe one day federal judges will have term limits."

Now how can you be a proponent of strict construction of our Constitution and then say "maybe one day we will change the Constitution and put term limits on federal judges?" *

Before he wrapped up his presentation about the state of our judicial system, Mr. Bryant issued a warning to us eavesdropping liberals who are against right wing religious judicial activism when he said: "If the Democrats are going to politicize the courts, then we will too!"

Follow up: A strict constructionist is a person who believes that the Constitution should be read as is. No changes, no further interpretation. Yet, Bryant comes out and says "maybe one day we will change the Constitution and put term limits on federal judges?" What is up with that?

If you are a strict constructionist, you are supposed to like the Constitution as is. However, it seems to me Republicans often recant on their constructionist views when things don't go their way and they feel the need to change our nation's laws. Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

To read the entire entry regarding Ed Bryant from the Liar Paradox, go here!

* Denotes that the sentence was edited to remove a vulgar phrase. To view the original sentence without the changes, visit the link above.