Thursday, August 04, 2005

New Blog Group: The Ford Media Defense Coalition

Fellow Ford Supporters,

As you can see from our first few weeks of operating, our blog has a little bit of everything from news and information on the Congressman, to press releases and news articles. However, we want to add more action to our blog. Therefore, I am proud to announce that our next undertaking here at the blog will be a media watch group for Congressman Ford. The official name of our new grassroots group will be the Ford Media Defense Coalition.

The mission is simple: defend Congressman Ford from any and all attacks. The more broad outline of our new group is below:

What is a Media Watch Group?

We believe we have to hold the media accountable for their lies, inaccuracies, and myths they continually perpetuate against Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

In order to hold the media accountable, we will have to monitor the media and challenge their inaccurate reporting on Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

Mainstream Media (Radio, TV, Print)

When journalists write articles related to Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and/or his campaign, we have to determine if it is honest journalism. If not, it needs to be challenged in a professional and articulate manner. Each member will send an email to the appropriate personnel in the media organization refuting the inaccuracies in the article. If the journalist does not acknowledge our response, we will take the issue to the editor of the publication.

Find your local media outlets here: radio, television, and newspapers.

Internet Websites, Message Boards, Blogs, and Email

There are shills on message boards that proliferate propaganda. They are there to represent and defend a viewpoint whether it be on the Democratic or Republican side. They are playing to an uninformed audience. When these shills assert anti-Ford lies and myths, we have to engage the shills with logical, factual, unemotional responses. If we take these measures, the audience can discern the facts from the myths.

FYI: To find monitor Ford-related material on blogs, click here!

Encouraging the Mainstream Media

We will write those in the mainstream media requesting that they write honest and fair articles regarding the Harold Ford Jr. We will challenge them to do real journalism. We will also write to thank journalists who write honest articles about Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

If we do all of what is listed above, I honestly believe we will make a huge difference in our next election. As we all know too well, the media's power is huge during an election. It can either make or break a candidate. That is where we come in. We must take control of the media so we can once again take back Tennessee and restore it to all its greatness by electing Harold Ford Jr. to represent us in Washington D.C.

So what can you do? Well for starters, if you are interested in joining our grassroots group, you can shoot me an email at: Please include your name and your primary email address. We will then add your name to our group's mailing list. After that, lets get started! Each time anti-Ford rhetoric is spotted in any of the above forms, we will email you notifying you of it. In the email, we will try to provide you with an email address or a link in which you can express your thoughts on the content at hand. After that, it is up to all of us to chime in and defend Congressman Ford! The truth is on our side, so lets use it!

Your participation is crucial in the next election. With your help in endeavors like this--a 2006 victory is in hand!